The Story

  • About us
  • We’re a small team with big machines and keen eyes for details. We take an immersive approach to design and production which is why we insist that every step of our process be done in our Brooklyn Army Terminal workshop. Take a glimpse at our passion for the process in the video below.
  • Reimagining a craft
  • We believe the best products are made when there’s an intimate knowledge of the process that makes them. We take an immersive approach to design and production, sourcing the best materials and employing both new technologies and hand-finishing techniques. Most importantly, each step of our 30-step process – from design to delivery – is done in our Brooklyn Army Terminal workshop. Nothing leaves our hands until it’s on its way to you.
  • Where We Work
  • Built in 1919, the Brooklyn Army Terminal housed the largest US military supply base during WWII. Today, it’s been repurposed for manufacturing and industrial use. We proudly work alongside other New York City-based makers, artists, and manufacturers. Its unexpectedly beautiful atrium is a constant source of inspiration for us.
  • Team
  • Gerard Masci, a former investment analyst, always had a lifelong passion for eyewear and wanted to build a vertically integrated, US-based eyewear brand from the ground up.

    An architect by training, Brian Vallario has always been fascinated by the intersection of craftsmanship and technology and left the world of real estate to work with his hands. He’s now focused on the tiniest details of Lowercase’s production process.

    Connected through a mutual friend, Gerard and Brian met at the Marlton Hotel in Greenwich Village. 18 months later, in January 2017, Lowercase launched it’s first collection, including the Marlton, named after this key meeting in Lowercase’s history.
  • We’ve been fortunate to have our story and products featured in the following publications since our launch.